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This is My Song CD


I wanted this selection of songs to play like the “soundtrack” of my LIFE. Songs from every decade, songs that take your soul to the sweet place of God’s word, songs that make you want to dance with joy while you’re doing dishes, songs that remind you of the peace found in your grandmother’s little church, songs that make you feel as if you could take down every devil that has messed with you. Yep, EVERY single one!!, And I must admit, I am beyond pleased with the process. Making this album has been enjoyable. My soul has been watered with every lyric and every melody. It’s exactly what I had in mind!

This Is My Story – Kelly Crabb (Book)


In this raw and riveting mini-memoir, Kelly tells of her journey through the demise of her 23-year marriage. This book depicts the details of her shocking realization that she would not only lose her marriage, but she was also at risk of losing her place in the world of ministry, through no fault of her own. Kelly gives the reader a behind the scenes look at one of the most public divorces in the history of Christian music. Through her vulnerability she gives the reader insight that most people have the same kinds of brokenness when they face a life crisis. On every page she sends the reader back to the source of her survival, her faith.

This Is My Story Journal


Everyone has a story!! After the journey of writing the book, Kelly decided that writing was a worthwhile exercise that led to freedom. The hope is that you will read Kelly’s book, and subsequently feel compelled to write YOUR story.

Trust in the Lord Earrings


These “trust in the Lord with all your heart” one-of-a-kind clay earrings are hand made with love, and serve as the perfect reminder to trust with our hearts as we walk through the process. This design was created for Kelly and she wanted to make them available to you.